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Nobody Does It Better

The ‘58 Difference

If your home needs repairs, you want to know you’re going with the best. Best value, best service, best equipment and products and best results. That’s what you get with ‘58 Foundations and Waterproofing. See how we stack up against the competition and then give us a call for a free estimate.

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Life of the Structure Warranty
Our industry-leading Life-of-the-Structure Warranty Transfers to the new owners if you sell. That adds real value to your home.
Maybe in theory but these companies only last 10-20 years on average
Money-Back Guarantee
We’re so confident we can repair your foundation problems, we offer the industry’s only Money-Back Guarantee!
Fair & Honest Pricing
We believe in real, honest, 100% transparent pricing. Not “price matching” gimmicks and marketing tricks like some companies.
5-star Guarantee Customer Hotline
When you hire 58 Foundations & Waterproofing, we’re here for you. No matter what. So if you need us, call us. 24- hours- a day.
Experience You Trust
We’ve been in business since 1958 – and we still stand by every job we’ve ever done. Proudly.
Foundation Repair Us Them
Pier logs & torque indicators
We use the most advanced technology to ensure work is performed to engineering specifications
Hubble Chance Partnership
We partner with the inventor of foundation piering. This gives us a combined 174 years of experience.
Basement Waterproofing Us Them
Large Drainage system capacity
Our system drains up to 2X more water! It handles heavier rainstorms and ensures year-round protection.
High-volume sump pump with redundant backup?
Our workhorse OT automatically activates a second pump during heavier rainstorms and switches to battery operation if the power goes out.
Use of lower-capacity, battery-powered pump
Closed system?
Keeps harmful gasses and pests out. Our closed system leaves no gap for radon, odors, humidity or insects to enter your home.
Open system does not provide full protection
Under-floor pressure relief?
No alternative ways for water to sneak in. Ours is the only system that relieves under-footer water pressure.
Thick Protective vapor barrier
Quality ensures safety. We don’t shirk on quality or safety for your home!
Cheap 6-mm vapor barrier on the wall.
Crawl Space Repair Us Them
Class-A fire rating?
Prioritizing safety We use materials that keep your home and loved ones as safe as possible – of course!
Superior strength and moisture control?
Protect your home’s environment from external intrusions Our heavy-duty 20-mm floor liners and 90-mm wall liners stop soil gasses, odors and moisture.
Vent fans to meet housing code?
Compliant, sealed crawl space Our vent fans create a healthier home environment and ensure compliance with codes for airflow in a sealed crawl space.
Energy-star rated + air filtration?
Our HumidiGuard™ creates a drier, healthier, cleaner environment and saves energy.
Mold Removal Us Them
Exclusive DOT Ambassador?
Wood revitalization?
Not only repair, but improve. DOT’s superior cleaning agents revitalize wood to make it look like new.
Certified mold remediators?
Our technicians are certified with NORMI, MICRO and IICRC training.