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Our lifetime warranty offers the highest level of protection available. If you had purchased a '58 Foundations' system in 1958, your warranty would still be valid.*

Money-back Guarantee!

If we can't fix it, we'll return your money.* That's how confident we are that our waterproofing systems will solve your problem.

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Since 1958, we've been delivering on our promises. Professionalism, deep industry knowledge, and fair pricing.

More Affordable than Ever

Financing to fit your budget.* Solutions designed with your needs and budget in mind. No fear of high-pressure sales.

Basement Waterproofing Experts

placeholder We've all seen basements like this. Water stains and dampness along the edge of the wall and floor. Paint peeling from the water-stained wall. White, powdery efflorescence on the concrete. We've all smelled the dank, musty smell of mold. Removing the water and moisture that has been sitting against this foundation and seeping into the basement is solution.

Your basement is leaking water. Now what?

There’s many options and contractors out there ready to “fix” the problem. What method are you going use? And which contractor can you trust?

When we come out to your home, you'll be guided on a thorough inspection of your basement – inside and outside. With the help of modern technology, we will walk you through all the options for waterproofing a basement.

You’ll be shown the newer innovations such as the water channels that sit on top of the footer and are engineered to be installed with less effort. Less effort for the contractor though doesn’t mean better quality for you.

Make sure you understand all the options and their price comparisons before hiring the first contractor out to your home with a “preferred customer discount.” We treat all of our customers with care and kindness, not rush them into decisions.

As for trust, our 63 years in business, our A+ BBB Rating that we’ve maintained since 1991, and our Money-Back Guarantee put us in a different category than other contractors.

Our Life-of-the-Structure Warranty has been honored for 63 years. There’s only a handful of contractors who even last past the original owner’s retirement. Be sure your warranty isn’t the life of the business you buy from, but life of your home.

I loved working with Bill! He was great and very informative without being overbearing. I also heard lots of good recommendations when I mentioned to friends I was using '58 Foundations! - Deborah S.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Specialists

Many crawlspaces have problems due to the way they are built. If the crawlspace has a dirt floor or a thin layer of concrete poured over the dirt, moisture from the soil can easily make its way into the crawlspace. Moisture also enters the crawlspace through crawlspace walls, and moist air can enter through crawlspace vents.

This can lead to problems with mold, pests, indoor air quality, moisture damage, home energy problems and more.

‘58 Foundations is here to solve your crawlspace problems. We specialize in crawlspace encapsulation, which is a special term for a series of repairs and improvements intended to make a crawlspace cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient.

The word “encapsulation” is an accurate description of the alterations made, but this process has also been called “crawlspace sealing,” and “crawlspace repair.”

If you want to transform your crawlspace into a clean, dry space, suitable for storage and to protect your plumbing or HVAC equipment, call or contact us online for a free crawlspace encapsulation price estimate.

 placeholder This was a dirt crawlspace. Now it's encapsulated with a 20-mil bright-white liner, sealed vents, and an air-filtering dehumidifier suspended from the joists. This crawlspace is cleaner, drier and healthier – all courtesy of the fantastic '58 Foundations' crew who climbed in here on their hands and knees to to transform this crawlspace!

Everyone was very nice (from consultation to finished work), and everything was thoroughly explained. Also, there was very little dust afterwards, which is important to me because of health issues.


I loved working with Bill! He was great and very informative without being overbearing. I also heard lots of good recommendations when I mentioned to friends I was using ‘58 Foundations!


Richard and Chase were courteous, very careful with my carpet, steps and cleaned every mess they made. The walls and floor look great!


EXCELLENT. Great communication. Job well done and did everything you said you would do when you said you would do it. Can't ask for any more than that. Thanks.


Foundation Repair Experts


Mark represented the company & product very well. Customer Service Rep very prompt and polite. The company made me feel good about my decision, very trustworthy. – Lydia R.

The foundation of a house or commercial property performs an essential function: to keep the structure level and to keep moisture out.

If your home is suffering from settling due to shifting or poorly compacted soil beneath your foundation, you will start to see cracks not only in the concrete walls and floor, but you may notice these cracks in drywall or plaster upstairs. If your foundation walls are bowing or leaning, you may notice stair-step or horizontal cracks.

For either concern you may have, there is a solution! Be it foundation or wall repair, '58 Foundations can help.

We use steel piers from Hubbell-Chance, America’s oldest steel piering manufacturer. This is not overseas steel, but American quality and workmanship. They are the world leader in pier manufacturing and their steel is used in residential and commercial foundation stabilization throughout the U.S. Since 1912. ‘58 Foundations is proud to combine our 63 years with their 110 years of expertise.

For a free foundation repair inspection and price quote, call or contact us online.

Mold Mitigation Professionals

placeholder Mold lives here. Mold has taken hold on the joists and flooring system in this crawlspace. Besides mold, spiders and all sorts of critters also like damp spaces to thrive in. Right above those boards – and the space between them – is the first floor!

When moisture enters your basement or crawlspace, your home becomes susceptible to mold growth. Basements and crawlspaces are perfect places for mold to thrive. Mold grows in dark, moist environments where organic materials are present.

Vulnerable materials include wood, carpeting, paper, leather, and fabric with natural fibers – the things that make up much of your home and belongings. In addition to mold, humid environments also attract dust mites as they absorb the water out of the air.

Before mold is visible to you, you may notice an undesirable musty odor.

Mold problems are prominent in basements and crawlspaces where moisture and humidity levels are generally higher than in other parts of your home or building. As a certified mold removal specialist, '58 Foundations is able to assess mold damage and decide when moldy surfaces can simply be cleaned, and when mold-damaged materials need to be replaced.

Turn to ‘58 Foundations for our 60-plus years of experience eliminating moisture and mold from basements and crawlspaces. Call or contact us online for a free mold inspection and cost estimate.

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