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Less Chemicals. More Care.

Mold is a serious problem. Typical solutions rely on large amounts of toxic chemicals that are bad for workers and intrusive for your family. As an official Dot Ambassador, we deliver superior remediation and cleaning services using a revolutionary chemistry. Dilute Oxidation Technology™️ (Dot™️) gets the cleaning job done with less chemical burden for workers and homeowners alike.

To learn more about our mold removal solution that originated in the Institute for Green Science at Carnegie-Mellon University, contact us today for a free mold inspection and price quote to remove the mold from your home or property.

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Mold Removal Solutions

Dot cleaner supercharges oxidation reactions, which means we can do more cleaning with far less chemical.
You’ll find mold on baseboard molding, the backside of drywall, the bottom of carpeting – places where moisture gets trapped or wicked up through concrete.
Cool, damp, vented… crawlspaces are a mold playground where it wreaks havoc on wood framing and flooring systems.
Mold Cleaning
Mold Cleaning
Moisture and mold are closely related. For this reason, ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing is the right choice for removing mold from your home.

Our Commitment

Maintaining a healthy living space is challenging, especially when your house has been damaged by water. But we’re here to help and we’re the experts.

Because moisture and mold are closely related, ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing is the right choice for removing mold from your home. Not only do we remove the mold, but as crawlspace and basement professionals, we eliminate the source of water and/or moisture that has caused your problem in the first place.

Our commitment is that we will treat your home like our own. Call us or book an appointment online.

Better Chemistry. Better Results.

Dilute Oxidation Technology uses the patent-protected NT7 molecule to supercharge oxidation reactions, which means we can do more cleaning with far less chemical. NT7 was invented at the Institute of Green Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and has been featured in journals such as Chemical & Engineering News, Fast Company, Cleaning & Restoration, Restoration & Remediation, and CleanFax.

Dilute Oxidation Technology and the NT7 molecule sound scientific and complex, but the video shows the simple nature of this mold removal solution. You’ll learn just how important cleaning mold with the right chemicals is to your home and loved ones.

Mold cleaning with less chemicals and more care.

“A great experience! We recently purchased a home and discovered mold and water in our crawlspace. We interviewed three companies and ’58 Foundations was heads-and-shoulders above the rest. The inspector prepared a detailed plan for the work. In fact, he was the only inspector to take measurements in the crawlspace, I still can’t believe he fit! The crew removed the mold and encapsulated the entire space in less than 2 days. Now it’s clean and dry, and we plan to store our holiday boxes and keepsakes in the finished space. They did a great job. We definitely recommend.”

– Luray J. (a review sent to the Better Business Bureau)