Wet Basement Repair Contractors

Looking for wet basement repair contractors? Choose the one with a patented waterproofing solution backed by an industry-leading warranty!

Looking for a Basement Repair Contractor to Fix Your Wet Basement?

wet basement repair contractors

When homeowners are looking for wet basement repair contractors, usually they look for a company who will help keep their basement dry. Known as basement waterproofing contractors, these companies can install a waterproofing solution that aids in keeping groundwater out of your basement.

But of all the basement waterproofing contractors in the nation, one stands out amongst the rest: ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing. We are a basement and crawlspace waterproofing contractor that helps homeowners repair their basements, keeping them safe and dry for years.

Decades of Experience, Comprehensive Solutions

With over 63 years of being in business, we know how crucial it is to offer a basement waterproofing system that accounts for all six common ways that water can enter the basement. Here are the six ways that water and moisture can invade your basement…

  • Wall crack leaks
  • Floor crack leaks
  • Leaks over the foundation’s footing
  • Leaks under the foundation’s footing
  • Bleeding and sweating of basement walls
  • Humidity and moisture vapor

These wet basement problems are nothing to ignore. Water leaking into the basement is an indication that there’s a lot of hydrostatic pressure. This tremendous amount of pressure is created when too much groundwater is pressing against the foundation walls or floor. This can lead to further foundation damage such as bowing or tilting basement walls along with growing cracks in the concrete. Should that invasive water or moisture linger for too long in your basement, it can lead to more problems in the basement such as mold, wood rot, and uncomfortable humidity in the house. It will take proper basement waterproofing to prevent these kinds of problems from occurring. Otherwise, these wet basement problems will likely result in costly repairs.

If there is a way for water to penetrate your foundation and enter your basement, you can count on ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing to know how to stop it. Our basement waterproofing system was first patented in 1966. Our quality products and honest methods have helped thousands upon thousands of customers like you, keeping countless basements and crawlspaces safe and dry. Since 1958, we’ve been continually perfecting our products and techniques. In this way, we can make sure we always provide a basement waterproofing solution that’s effective and long-lasting.

Our Basement Waterproofing Process

We begin our waterproofing services by completing a comprehensive investigation of the basement and land surrounding the home. Once we’ve located the source or sources of the groundwater intrusion and surveyed the area, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate. Then, to waterproof your basement, a five-star ’58 crew will install our ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing Basement Waterproofing System.

Every home and basement is unique, which is why our interior basement waterproofing system is designed to be customizable. In this way, we can properly address each of your basement’s problem sources the right way, creating a solution that truly protects your basement and foundation from intrusive groundwater and moisture. Depending on your wet basement problem, here are some of the components that may be included in your ’58 basement waterproofing system…

  • Channel ’58 drainage channels
  • Workhorse sump pump (Workhorse OT & Workhorse OT+ available for battery backup options)
  • Vapor barrier
  • Rigid sealer
  • Footer Shield cove protector
  • Dehumidifier

Our drainage channels are specially engineered to address the limitations of other drainage channels. Meanwhile, we offer a sump pump that boasts more horsepower than typical models. We also offer options for battery backup sump pumps, to provide that extra layer of protection during bad storms. Not even a power outage can stop a ’58 basement waterproofing system from protecting your basement and home!

A Wet Basement Repair Contractor With a Five-Star Warranty

We’re so confident in our basement waterproofing system that we gladly back it with an industry-leading warranty. At ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing, we want you to have the peace of mind that you’re investing in a system that works and is protected.

To learn why we’re one of the most sought-after wet basement repair contractors, contact ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing today. One of our helpful and knowledgeable associates will be glad to assist you. We have local offices available throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Whether you are in Knoxville, TN, Newark, DE, Concord, NC, or Atlanta, GA, you can count on ’58 to be there to protect your home against invasive groundwater and excess moisture. Also, be sure to ask about the financing** options that may be available to you*. We can help you determine a solution that works with your budget.

*For specific information regarding financing options, please check with your nearest ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing location.

*Subject to approved credit. Terms, Rates and Conditions apply. Ask your Foundation Specialist for details. Cannot be combined with other offers. **Financing is available with approved credit. §For Money-back Guarantee certain terms and conditions apply – ask your Foundation Specialist for more information at the time of appointment. †Warranties vary by scope of work and products installed.
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