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Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation

At ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing, we're experts in installing radon mitigation systems that lower radon levels in homes by up to 99% – all backed with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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What is Radon and Why Is It Dangerous?

2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in rocks and soil. Invisible and odorless, radon enters a home through cracks, gaps and openings in the foundation. Prolonged exposure in high-radon homes is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Around 1 in 15 homes in the U.S. have elevated radon levels.

As part of an overall healthy home, ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing installs radon mitigation systems. As basement and crawl space experts since 1958, you can be assured that our certified technicians will install the proper solution to lower radon levels in your home to the EPA recommended level of below 2 picocuries (2 pCi/L).

How Do I Know If I Have High Radon Levels in My Home?

Because you can’t see or smell radon, testing is the only way to know your level of exposure. It can be done with DIY test kits or by professionals. When elevated levels are detected, radon mitigation is highly recommended by the EPA for a healthy home environment. If you or a professional have tested and found elevated levels of Radon in your home, then it’s time to contact ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing for a proven solution.

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We Are Qualified Radon Mitigation Experts.

Certified by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB), we’ve installed our system in thousands of homes to reduce radon gas to EPA-recommended levels. The EPA recommends a radon mitigation system for homes showing radon levels of 2 pCi/L or higher.

How Does a Radon Mitigation System Work?

Our system involves creating a location to pull air from beneath your concrete slab, floor or crawl space. Next, we install a radon fan, specially designed to operate continuously, and a vent pipe to exhaust the air and radon and disperse it safely outside your home following EPA protocols.

Because radon gas is invisible, as part of the ‘58 Radon Mitigation Solution, we install a manometer on every job that indicates that air suction is working to the appropriate level.

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