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Since 1958, we have been helping homeowners and commercial property owners repair their foundation problems. We have protected millions of dollars in property value for our customers, ensuring that their properties remain standing tall for decades. For over 60 years, it has been our mission and promise to produce the best foundation repair solutions using only our quality products and honest methods—and since 1958, we’re still going strong!

Thanks to our long-historied expertise, we have seen and repaired every foundation problem that wasn’t too far gone to fix. Deep foundation knowledge is a major benefit that you get when you choose ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing to repair your home or building.

We know that to achieve the best results in foundation repair, and to provide a five-star experience for our valued customers, it requires the use of top-quality products and honest methods. That’s how we repair and preserve the structural integrity of your home’s foundation and create a strong relationship with the communities we serve. Our ’58 Strong product line is manufactured in partnership with American companies that date back to 1912, giving us more than 174 years of combined experience.

You can trust our experienced experts to take care of your home—hundreds of thousands of happy homeowners have done so already!

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Foundation Repair Solutions

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Repairing Your Foundation Preserves Value And Safety
Repairing Your Foundation Preserves Value And Safety
Equipped With More Than 64 Years Of Expertise In Foundation Repair, You Can Be Assured That Once We Fix Your Foundation, It Is Fixed Permanently!..
Warning Signs You Have A Foundation Problem
Warning Signs You Have A Foundation Problem
Have You Noticed Something Odd Or Concerning About Your Foundation? Have A Look At Some Of The Most Common Symptoms That Could Mean…
What Can Cause Foundation Problems?
What Can Cause Foundation Problems?
The Foundation Of Your Home Was Designed To Last The Lifetime Of Your Home. But Over Time Things Change. The Soil Beneath your home can shift or compact …
Your Solution For A Healthy Foundation
Your Solution For A Healthy Foundation
For Decades, ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing Has Been Repairing Foundations To Ensure That Homes And Commercial Properties Both Remain Sturdy And Strong For Many …

Repairing Your Foundation Preserves Value And Safety

Equipped with more than 64 years of expertise in foundation repair, you can be assured that once we fix your foundation, you can consider it fixed for life!

You should never neglect an issue with your foundation. If there is a problem, it will only get worse with time, which means more repairs. Many foundation problems, such as excessive settlement or unchecked hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls can eventually jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.

At ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing, we have highly trained specialists who can properly inspect your home or building’s foundation and help you understand if you have a settlement or foundation wall problem. For your convenience, we offer free inspections and cost estimates to property owners.

Should damage be found during the inspection, our experts will develop a personalized plan to fix your foundation and you will be provided with a printed price quote.

We offer an array of solutions to save your foundation from further damage. From hydrostatic pressure and water damage to sinking foundation floors and bowing basement walls, we have the expertise and specialists to repair and protect your foundation.

’58 Foundations & Waterproofing only uses the best materials available, provided by our partners at Chance Foundation Solutions and Rhino Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Products. Such is the quality of our products and methods, we can confidently stand by our work and stamp our lifetime warranty on our foundation repairs!

If you have a concern about your foundation, or if you’ve spotted a clear trouble sign, don’t hesitate to call ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing for a free inspection and a zero-pressure, zero-obligation price quote. With our experienced eye, we’ll make sure nothing is missed and your foundation is taken care of. Rest easy and focus on enjoying your home—‘58 Foundations is on your side and happy to help!

Warning Signs of a Foundation Problem

Have you noticed something odd or concerning about your foundation? Have a look at some of the most common symptoms that could mean your foundation needs help!

  • Bowing block or poured concrete basement walls
  • Foundation wall or basement floor cracks
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Soil settlement or erosion at the foundation
  • Tilting or leaning concrete basement walls
  • Signs of settlement including bouncy or off-level first-floor flooring—if above a crawlspace, this may indicate failure of the flooring system due to compromised columns or moisture damage to the flooring system
  • Jamming of windows and doors throughout the house
  • Cracks in the drywall or plaster at the corner of interior doors or windows

What Can Cause Foundation Problems?

The foundation of your home was meant to last for the lifetime of your home. But over time things change—the foundation must repeatedly stand up to the forces of nature, weathering happens, and even your home’s surrounding environment changes from time to time. The soil beneath your home can shift or compact, and your foundation can begin to settle or sink. Meanwhile, when it rains, water pressure against your foundation walls can lead to severe damage and further problems inside your home.

It’s unknown when or how fast this can happen. However, once settling or wall damage occurs, it never gets better on its own. Foundation problems can only get worse with time, and the longer you wait, the more damage will need to be repaired.

This can endanger your home’s structural integrity, and the damage can also harm the re-sale value of your home. Home inspectors and real estate agents know to look for warning signs and then, if the buyer isn’t scared away, deep discounts are expected to repair the problem.

Causes of foundation problems:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: As water is soaked up into the soil surrounding your home’s foundation, more weight and pressure begins to build against your foundation’s walls. As great as our foundation walls may be, hydrostatic pressure can still cause your foundation walls to crack, tilt, or bow. With cracks, water can even begin to leak into your foundation and into your basement, causing further damage.
  • Problems with Drainage: Not all drains are created equal, and when a draining solution for your foundation and basement is not being effective, it can lead to standing water that can deal further damage to your foundation as well as erode the surrounding soil.
  • Expansive Soils: If your land, especially that around your house, is rich in expansive soils such as various clay minerals, it can spell trouble for when there’s a heavy rain. These soils soak up much more water than other soils, causing massive expansion as well as shrinking. This repeated process can lead to immense pressures on your foundation wall while making room for more water to seep down and begin wearing at your foundation.
  • Trees and Their Roots: The roots of trees will seek out water wherever it may be—even if that water is hiding in your drainage pipes or under your foundation. These roots can begin to separate the soil around and beneath your home, which can lead to home settlement.
  • Loose, Poorly Compacted Foundation Soil: When foundation soil is introduced to help fill in hollow depressions and gaps, sometimes that soil can be left too loose. This can encourage water collection and erosion, and it can cause your home to settle as it begins to compress that new, loose soil.

Your Solution For A Healthy Foundation

For decades, ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing has been repairing foundations to ensure that homes and commercial properties remain both sturdy and strong for many more years to come. Along with our years of expertise, we’ve developed a suite of quality products and honest methods for the various issues that your foundation may experience!

  • Carbon ’58 Wall Straps: Made of carbon fiber, our Carbon 58’ Wall Straps pull double-duty as they reinforce and stabilize your foundation wall. Ideal for bowing, tilting, and cracked walls that are in need of support.
  • Carbon ’58 Floor Stitches: We can keep basement cracks from spreading when we use our Carbon ’58 Floor Stitches. Allowing cracks to expand can introduce a slew of problems.
  • ’58 Strong I-Beams: When your walls are starting to bow, our ’58 Strong I-Beams can create the bulwark needed to put a stop to the problem.
  • ’58 Strong Galvanized Helical Piers: Settlement can happen to your home, which can lead to a variety of other problems from your floor to your walls and even doors. We can provide your home with the support it needs with our ’58 Strong Galvanized Helical Piers.
  • ’58 Strong Floor Stabilizers: For homes with crawlspaces, our ’58 Strong Floor Stabilizers can provide the durable support needed to keep your home floors from bowing, sinking, and protect them from other settlement-caused problems.

Call The Five-Star Foundation Experts For An Inspection And Price Quote

It’s always best to address foundation problems as soon as possible, as time will only cause the situation to get worse. We offer a stress-free experience by providing a free inspection along with a zero-obligation price quote.

What to Expect from ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing

  1. Conversation and Collaboration.To understand your goals, we will ask a lot of questions…and we’ll be listening! That way we can clearly understand the problem, and we can determine a personalized solution for you!
  2. Detailed Inspection.Together, we will walk around your home to perform a thorough inspection. You can point things out and we’ll talk about the process.
  3. A Healthy Solution.Your Foundation Specialist will provide a written recommendation that meets your goals. Cost included.
  4. Five-Star Installation.The ’58 Crew will be there on time and communicate throughout the process. No surprises!
  5. Money-Back* Confidence.Combined with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your system will protect your home for the length of that warranty—a lifetime!

*That’s right, if we can’t fix it, we’ll return your money. Ask your Foundation Specialist for details. We’re always working together to deliver a five-star experience!

We believe that knowledge is power, and our Foundation Expert will be sure to let you know what problems your foundation is facing. They’ll explain what techniques and products may be used to solve your foundation’s troubles.

For your ultimate peace of mind, we’re proud to stand by our work and back it with our lifetime warranty. If we can’t fix it, we’ll give you your money back!*

*Ask your Foundation Specialist for details.