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Keeping your foundations secure and your home safe since 1958!

Protect All You’ve Built Upon

It’s easy to overlook a home's or building's foundation. But when foundation problems occur, they have a huge impact on safety, appearance, and overall value.

It takes special training and expertise to repair foundation damage, along with engineered materials and the qualifications to do this work.

Paired with Chance Foundation Solutions (a U.S. steel pier manufacturer who began in 1912) and Rhino Carbon Fiber reinforcement products (state-of-the-art in concrete crack repair and structural strengthening), we have access to our nation's best tried-and-true materials. These steel and carbon fiber products are designed to permanently stabilize and repair damaged foundations.

From heavy-duty carbon-fiber to seal and stabilize foundation cracks to helical piers to stabilize settled walls and floors, '58 Foundations will have a solution for your home or building.

If you have concerns about your foundation, let '58 Foundations provide you with a free inspection and price estimate.

Free Foundation Repair Quote

Holding back. You can almost feel the hydrostatic pressure against this bowing basement wall. '58 Foundations solves this by draining the water pressure and reinforcing the wall.

Why Choose Us

Strongest Structural Warranty

Our structural warranty offers the highest level of protection available. Our foundation repair systems are warranted for 25 years to life.*

More Affordable than Ever

Financing to fit your budget.* Foundation repair solutions designed with your needs and budget in mind. No fear of high-pressure sales.

Licensed & Highly Trained Staff

We pride ourselves on professionalism. Our team is highly trained, background checked, and insured. We adhere to CDC protocols. Nothing is left to chance.

Hundreds of Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Since 1958, we've been delivering on our promise of structurally repaired foundation with integrity, deep industry knowledge, and fair pricing.

I recently hired '58 Foundations to complete a foundation repair project and they went above and beyond my expectations during the install.

-Justin L, Morristown, TN 37813

We got quotes from 6 companies when trying to resolve foundation repair issues. We went with '58 Foundations are very happy with the finished product.

-William H, Atlanta, GA 30345

The staff knows what they are doing. I am a realtor and have dealt with many foundation specialists and '58 Foundations is my only choice. Trust them!!"

-Debbie G, Knoxville, TN 37912

They went above and beyond to solve not just our foundation issue but repaired our deck which was built incorrectly.

-Mary W., Acworth, GA 30101

Home and Commercial Property Foundation Issues

Stabilizing foundation problems

The problems explained below deserve more immediate attention. These are all common and at '58 Foundations we've been solving them for decades.

Cracked foundation walls. When a foundation wall cracks, it’s usually in response to soil and water pressure from outside the foundation, or from settlement that causes part of the wall to sink or shift.

Bowed walls. Basement and crawlspace walls can bow inward due to pressure from water and soil outside the foundation. Bowed basement walls are also likely to have serious cracks.

Tilting walls. Soil and water pressure against the exterior of a foundation can cause a basement or crawlspace wall to tilt or lean inward.

Settlement. If the soil beneath a foundation wall or floor does not have sufficient load-bearing capacity, the weight of the wall or floor can cause it to settle. Settlement will also occur when erosion removes soil from beneath a foundation, creating a void. This damage is sometimes referred to as a sinking foundation. Severe and significant cracking in walls and floors can occur with settlement.

Leaning chimney. A sign of settlement is a chimney leaning away from the home.

If you're home or commercial property is experiencing any of these problems, give us a call or contact us online to have one of our Foundation Specialists out for a free foundation repair inspection and cost estimate.

Leaning in. The laser level shows how this foundation wall is leaning into the basement. The horizontal crack opening up along the middle row of blocks indicates a bowing in the center as well

Foundation Repair Experts

If your foundation is damaged, it’s important to act sooner than later as foundation problems tend to get worse with time. '58 Foundations offers a free foundation repair inspection and cost estimate. Our Foundation Specialist will explain the cause and extent of the damage. You’ll also learn about the techniques and materials that will be used to make permanent repairs. To prepare for a foundation inspection, make sure that the area around the inside of your foundation is accessible so that a complete inspection can be made.

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