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Foundation Problem Signs

Exterior Foundation Wall Cracks

Exterior Foundation Wall Cracks

At ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing, we're experts in identifying the early warning signs of exterior wall cracks, understanding their root causes, and recommending effective repair solutions, all backed with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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Honest & Fair Pricing

Life of the Structure Warranty

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Exterior Foundation Walls: Your Home’s Shield

Exterior foundation walls act as a barrier between a structure and external elements, granting stability and protection. Typically made from concrete, concrete blocks, brick, stucco, or stone, the choice of these materials is influenced by factors such as geographical location, budget, and architectural design. Each material type presents unique benefits, catering to both residential and commercial strength requirements.

However, over time, due to reasons like seismic movements or accumulated hydrostatic pressure from water, these walls may manifest cracks. Early detection of such vulnerabilities is pivotal in averting expensive repairs and maintaining the structural soundness of the building.

Spotting Cracks in Exterior Foundation Walls

Recognizing cracks in exterior foundation walls necessitates a meticulous examination of visible indications. Wall materials, when subjected to extreme temperature variations, tend to expand and contract. This can result in minuscule cracks which, if not addressed, could allow moisture to seep into the interiors of the home.

Moreover, excessive water pressure against the foundation walls can result in not only cracking but also bowing, leaning, and shearing. As water amasses against an exterior wall, it exerts increasing pressure. This heightened force may surpass the wall’s tolerance if not reinforced adequately.

Observe any vertical or diagonal cracks, especially those wider than 1/16 to 1/8 inch. These could be indicators of foundational settlement and mandate professional evaluation. Moreover, surface blemishes like blistered paint or missing sections might hint at potential water intrusion from an unseen crack. Compromised drainage systems can exacerbate these issues, leading to the necessity of repairs or replacements.

Ensuring Your Home’s Fortitude

For the safety and longevity of your home, it’s imperative to detect cracks in exterior foundation walls. Regular maintenance and systematic inspections can be invaluable in pinpointing issues while they are still manageable.

‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing, with regional offices across states including Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, extends free inspections and repair cost estimates to homeowners and property holders.

Understanding the nuances of different exterior wall types and the challenges they may encounter is essential. This knowledge ensures that the exterior foundation walls continue to function efficiently and securely. With attentive scrutiny of your home’s external facade and early identification of any issues, you can proactively safeguard the longevity of your home’s exterior foundation walls.

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