Sagging Floor Repair

Stabilize your sagging floors with ’58 Strong Crawl Space Jacks

Several Factors Are At Play With Sagging Or Sloping Floors

You’ve come to the realization that your sagging floors or sloping floors are a problem that require attention. Maybe you’ve noticed a gap between the baseboard and the floor, or the wall and the floor. It may be possible to actually see the floor sloping in toward the center of the house or room.

Sagging floors are most commonly found in houses built with crawl space foundations. As these homes age, moisture from the ground below can weaken floor joists and cause them to sag. In areas with clay-like soil, repetitive expanding and contracting can cause the ground to shift, affecting the foundation and in turn causing your floors to sag.

Often, undersized joists and/or over-spanning (too much unsupported length) contribute to the problem.

Here are signs to look for on your main floor:

  • Sagging, sloped, or uneven floors.
  • Bouncing floors.
  • Drywall cracking and nail pops.
  • Fine cracks above interior doors.
  • Interior doors not opening and closing properly.
  • Cabinets pulling away from the wall.

Here are signs to look for in your crawl space:

  • Supports being spaced too far apart. (Insufficient number of columns or insufficient footings under columns on main beam).
  • Soil settling.
  • Joist size is too small (2×8 instead of 2×10) and too long without enough support.
  • Excessive moisture in the crawl space.
  • Load bearing walls without proper support.
  • Poor framing around fireplace hearth.

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Sagging Floor Repair Solutions

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Not Designed For The Load
Not Designed For The Load
Center Beams Are The Large Joists That Run Wall To Wall The Length Of Your Foundation, Or From Foundation Wall….
Working In Your Crawl Space
Working In Your Crawl Space
The Installation Of ’58 Strong Floor Stabilizers, Which Are Adjustable Jacks, Will Do Many Things For A Home…
Crawl Space Encapsulation Often Goes Hand-In-Hand With Placement Of Foundation Jacks. Moisture Must Be…
Get It Fixed Now
Get It Fixed Now
Don’t Live With Sagging And Sloping Floors. They Can Be Dangerous And Lead To More Serious Problems. There….

Not Designed For The Load

Center beams are the large joists that run wall to wall the length of your foundation, or from foundation wall to load bearing CMU column. Calculations are made to determine the appropriate size and span of these and other joists in relation to the total load. If undersized or over-spanned, joists are susceptible to sagging. Add moisture to that situation and the problem is compounded.

The solution to your sagging floors is placement of house leveling jacks. These floor joist jacks are used in combination with a steel girder running the length of the span that is failing.

Left untreated, floor stabilization problems can harm the overall integrity of your home, eventually requiring significant structural repair. However, there is an immediate solution. ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing uses foundation jacks to reinforce these weakening areas. Referred to as floor joist jacks or crawl space jacks, these foundation jacks are placed and adjusted to stabilize. In addition, encapsulating your crawl space can eliminate the moisture issue.

Dead load vs. Live load

Floors sag is a result of the pressure (weight) of the total load placed upon them. Dead load is the weight of the structure and its permanent parts. Live load refers to the dynamic force of occupants and furniture/belongings. Together they exert a total load, which can have an adverse effect on a weakened floor joists.

Sloping Floor. On a level floor, the laser level line will run across the entire floor. Settlement of the flooring system has caused this floor to slope. Our ’58 Strong Floor Stabilizers will be installed in the crawl space beneath the floor to stabilize and prevent further settlement.

Working In Your Crawl Space

The installation of ’58 Strong Floor Stabilizers, which are adjustable jacks, will do many things for a home:

  • Provide support to sagging floor joints.
  • Strengthen crawl space beams.
  • Stabilize the floor.


Sagging floor repair starts with clearing of any obstacles/debris in the crawl space. Once done, the floor joist jacks are positioned at pre-determined points down the length of the weakened area.

A footing is then poured for each floor joist jack. ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing’s field technicians dig a 2-foot wide by 2-foot wide by 18-inch deep hole, consisting of 8 inches of engineered fill and 8 inches of concrete, and reinforce it with rebar. This creates a very strong platform upon which each floor joist jack will stand – designed to distribute the weight of the 4-inch column across a broader surface. A pre-formed concrete block designed specifically to support stabilizer jacks can be used as an alternative.

Each crawl space jack is centered on a concrete footing. A 4-inch steel H-beam girder is cut to length and hydraulic jacks are brought in to lift it (and the floor) to the desired height – to remedy the sag. The crawl space jacks are then fixed and secured to the proper height.

Jacked Up. This floor system has been stabilized with our ’58 Strong Floor Stabilizers. A waterproofing channel has been installed under the stone at the perimeter. To keep the crawl space drier, make the home healthier, and more energy efficient, our crawl space encapsulation system is being installed as well.


Crawl space encapsulation often goes hand-in-hand with placement of foundation jacks. Moisture must be alleviated to reduce further deterioration.

‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing uses a 20-mil, class A poly-woven vapor barrier to cover the floor, walls, and to wrap up the columns. Everything is sealed in one continuous piece to control moisture. A dehumidification system is installed to regulate the humidity and condition the entire space.

Encapsulated Crawl Space. Floor systems can become damaged from sustained exposure to moisture through high levels of relative humidity. A ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing Crawl Space Encapsulation System will lower relative humidity and keep building materials dry.

Get It Fixed Now

Don’t live with sagging and sloping floors. They can be dangerous and lead to more serious problems. There is a solution. ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing has more than 64 years of experience remedying this type of situation. We will assess your particular problem and provide a detailed estimate. Our commitment to you is a professional job done efficiently and effectively.