Bowing Basement Wall Repair

Proven solutions to repair bowed basement walls.

An Unstable Situation

If your basement wall appears to be cracked, bulging inward and looks unstable – it probably is. In fact, a bowing wall is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later before it worsens and becomes more costly to repair.

However, a bowing basement wall does not mean your contractor was at fault or that your house was poorly built.

Environmental factors have simply combined to create an unstable situation. Many homeowners face the same problem. But be assured, ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing has helped thousands of customers just like you with this type of foundation repair.

We have a solution to stabilize your bowing wall.

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Bowing Wall Repair Solutions

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Why Is Your Basement Wall Bowing?
Why Is Your Basement Wall Bowing?
A Bowing Basement Wall Is Typically Caused By Hydrostatic Pressure. This Is The Force Of Water-Saturated Soil Expanding And Pushing On The…
Options For Bowed Basement Wall Repair
Options For Bowed Basement Wall Repair
‘58 Foundations Offers Three Solutions To Stabilize Or Repair A Bowed Basement Wall. Each Basement Bracing Solution Is Dictated By The Depth Of The Bow And…
We Treat Your Home Like Our Home
We Treat Your Home Like Our Home
Unless You’re Putting In Helical Tiebacks To Straighten The Wall, All Work Is Done On The Inside. Our Experienced Team Will Put Up Plastic Curtains To Contain…
Only The Best For Our Customers
Only The Best For Our Customers
Foundation Repair Experts At ‘58 Foundations Have Been Providing Solutions To Bowed Basement Walls For More Than 60 Years. The Products We…

Why Is Your Basement Wall Bowing?

A bowing basement wall is typically caused by hydrostatic pressure. This is the force of water-saturated soil expanding and pushing on the exterior of the wall. Because there is nothing on the interior to counter that force, the wall begins to move. If left untreated, the wall can continue to move inward and eventually may collapse.

Bowing walls are most often seen in foundation walls constructed with concrete blocks. These concrete blocks are held together with mortar, and the mortar (unless it is reinforced), is the weakest spot. This is where you are most likely to see the failure. The walls are strongest at the corners, so the bowing is typically found toward the middle – in the form of stairstep foundation cracks.

Hydrostatic pressure due to poor drainage of the immediate exterior is normally to blame. Freezing and thawing in the Northeast contributes to the problem, as well as water-saturated clay-like soil in the Southeast.

Hydrostatic pressure – the pressure exerted by fluids at rest (i.e. water weight). That pressure, as with any pressure, can accumulate over time. As the pressure builds, concrete block basement walls will bow and cracks or gaps appear at the weaker point – typically close to the middle.

Options For Bowed Basement Wall Repair

‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing offers three solutions to stabilize or repair a bowed basement wall. Each basement bracing solution is dictated by the depth of the bow and the intended result – stabilization or straightening. Walls that are bowed 4-inches or less can be saved. Walls that are bowed more than 4-inches may have to be reconstructed.

Carbon Fiber Strapping

When the bow of your wall is 2-inches or less, Carbon Fiber Strapping can be used. It is the least invasive stabilization technique. This 8-inch wide material is epoxied to your bowing wall to prevent any further movement.

First the wall is scarified, which means all paint and residue is removed from the wall to reveal a clean, porous surface. Then the Carbon Fiber material is soaked in epoxy and placed on the porous wall so it bonds tightly. Strips run from the top of the wall to the floor and are mechanically fastened to the wood framing and the slab. On a typical 8-foot wall with 7-foot of exterior backfill, the strips are placed 2-foot from the corner and then every 4-foot.

Steel I-Beam Reinforcement

On occasions where the basement wall is bowed up to 2-inches but not more than 4-inches, Steel I-Beams offer a very solid solution. Placed 2-foot from the corner and then every 4-foot, they are mechanically anchored top and bottom. Once installed, they are unforgiving and will not move.

Steel I-Beams are a perfect solution if your basement does not have a slab. In this instance, a 2-foot wide, 3-foot deep trench is dug out 2-feet from the wall. The I-Beams are placed in the trench and the void is filled with concrete to create a solid foundation.

You may lose some square footage if finishing your basement over the I-Beams, but when the I-Beam is secured against the bowing wall, it is very stable.

Helical Tieback Anchors

Helical Tiebacks are used in any instance of a wall bowing 4-inches or less and when you want to straighten the wall back to its original vertical position. Think of the Tieback as a giant ground screw. A long galvanized 1.25-inch diameter screw is driven through the wall and anchored into the ground outside. Inside, against the wall, a threaded plate (or C-channel bracket) is added.

If you excavate on the outside before you place the helical tieback, you may be able to actually draw the wall back up to vertical. This is accomplished by turning the helical tieback like a screw (before the dirt is replaced). This is the only solution that can potentially bring your wall back to plumb.

’58 Strong Steel I-Beams. For larger bows, ’58 Strong Steel I-Beams are the right solution. Once installed, this wall is stable and secure!

We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

Unless you’re putting in helical tiebacks to straighten the wall, all work is done on the inside.

We know that any construction project can cause dust and debris! We don’t like it either. Our experienced team will put up plastic curtains to contain the dust and debris in jackhammering is necessary with the I-beams. When scarifying the walls to apply Carbon Fiber Strapping, we use a vacuum system to remove the fine particles. In addition, we create a negative pressure environment in the basement, so everything is blown safely outside.

With any basement bracing installation, we clean thoroughly upon completion of the project.

’58 Strong Carbon fiber wall straps stabilize concrete block walls with smaller deflections. Our waterproofing drainage channel seen at the base of wall is not necessary for wall stabilization. In this case the basement was leaking as well.

Only the Best for our Customers

Foundation repair experts at ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing have been providing solutions to bowed basement walls for more than 64 years. The products we use are ICC registered and engineered to exacting specifications.

We provide you with a life of the structure warranty on every installation (transferable upon sale). We never ‘experiment’ on your home. We’ve done foundation wall repairs thousands of times so you can be certain these are proven solutions.

Our commitment to you is a professional job done efficiently and effectively.

Call The Five-Star Basement Waterproofing Experts For An Inspection And Price Quote

While most people think of a basement as an extra storage space, it plays a much larger role towards your home’s structural integrity and the environmental healthiness of your living space. Whether you have leaks coming from your basement walls, or you’ve discovered that your basement’s been flooded by a recent rainstorm, it can cause both great amounts of stress and huge repair costs.

’58 Foundations & Waterproofing has the basement waterproofing solutions you need to ensure that water stays on the move…out and away from your home, so that a wet basement is the last thing you have to worry about while enjoying your home life. From our effective Channel ’58 Drainage Channels to our powerful Workhorse Sump Pumps, we cover all the bases when it comes to keeping your basement safe, dry, and useable for many years to come.

Contact us to schedule for a free inspection and receive a detailed estimate! With more than 64 years of keeping basements dry, there’s no one with our level of expertise!

What to Expect from ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing

  1. Conversation and collaboration. To understand your goals, we ask a lot of questions…and we listen! That way we clearly understand the problem.
  1. Detailed inspection. Together, we walk around your home to perform a thorough inspection. You point things out and we talk about the process.
  1. A healthy solution. Your Foundation Specialist will provide a written recommendation that meets your goals. Cost included.
  1. Five-Star Installation. The ’58 Crew will be there on time and communicate throughout the process. No surprises!
  1. Money-Back* Confidence. Combined with the industry’s Strongest Warranties you can rest assured that your system will protect your home for the length of the warranty — a lifetime!

*That’s right, if we can’t fix it, we’ll return your money. Ask your Foundation Specialist for details. Working together to deliver a five-star experience.