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If you have a wet basement, it could be due to water leaking and seeping through your foundation walls. Water leakage through concrete block, stone, or cracked basement walls is a common problem.

As water builds up around the outside of your foundation walls, pressure (hydrostatic pressure) can reach extreme levels. This immense pressure can approach 600lbs. per square foot at the base of the wall in some cases. This hydrostatic pressure can force water into your basement. Groundwater can enter your basement through wall cracks, cold joints, mortar joints on concrete block walls, and holes where pipes penetrate the walls.

To fix this problem, it will take more than just waterproofing paint or caulk. The water must be drained and moved away from the foundation. This is where ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing can help with our basement waterproofing solutions. We’ll keep that outside water away so that your home property remains a safe, dry, and happy space.

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Waterproofing Basement Walls Solutions

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Waterproofing Basement Walls Options - Outside
Waterproofing Basement Walls Options – Outside
One Way To Waterproof Basement Walls Is To Apply A Waterproof Coating Or Plastic Sheet Material To The Exterior Of The Foundation, While…
Waterproofing Basement Walls Options - Inside
Waterproofing Basement Walls Options – Inside
If You Have Wet Basement Walls Or Floor, An Interior Waterproofing System Is The Best Option. Interior Basement…
When Do You Need A Wall Membrane?
When Do You Need A Wall Membrane?
It Depends On Where Your Basement Is Leaking And The Condition Of Your Basement Walls. It Also Depends…
Preparing For Your Basement Waterproofing Inspection
Preparing For Your Basement Waterproofing Inspection
To Prepare For Basement Waterproofing Inspection Is Easy. If You Can, Make The Walls And Floor Areas As Access…


One way to waterproof basement walls is to apply a waterproof coating or plastic sheet material to the exterior of the foundation, while also installing drainage pipe at the base of the wall. This is referred to as exterior waterproofing.

This exterior waterproofing method is most often done when a house is built. When integrated into the new construction process, exterior waterproofing systems can be installed affordably.

Once a house is built and soil has been backfilled around the foundation, it’s expensive and very disruptive to install an exterior waterproofing system. Most homeowners don’t want to do this because of the heavy equipment required and the disruption of digging out the foundation.


If you have wet basement walls or floor, an interior waterproofing system is the best option. Interior basement waterproofing involves installing a drainage channel at the base of the wall, around the perimeter of the basement. The drain collects all water leaking or seeping from your basement walls and conveys the water to a sump pump.

Putting a ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing waterproof panel or vapor barrier membrane on your basement walls will drain water down into the drainage channel. This perimeter drainage system and wall membrane are an effective way to waterproof basement walls. Together, they capture water leakage before it can spread onto the basement floor.

This membrane also stops moisture from permeating into the basement, making the space drier. With a professional-level ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing dehumidifier, your basement can feel as comfortable as your upstairs.

Bright basement. ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing’s flexible wall membrane brightened up this basement workout room. More importantly it’s part of the waterproofing system that keeps this basement dry!

When Do You Need A Wall Membrane?

It depends on where your basement is leaking and the condition of your basement walls. It also depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what you intend to use your basement for.

In some cases, your ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing specialist may recommend covering all or part of the interior basement walls with a waterproofing membrane.

Heavyweight vinyl membranes or rigid plastic panels can be used for this purpose. This waterproof barrier allows all wall leakage to flow into the drainage system.

’58 Foundations & Waterproofing has vapor barrier wall coverings that can be used behind a finished wall, or panels that can be left exposed to brighten up a basement.

Ready for finishing. This basement is now ready for finishing. The wall membrane and drainage channel will keep water out and protect the wall material and flooring used to finish the space.

Preparing For Your Basement Waterproofing Inspection

To prepare for basement waterproofing inspection is easy. If you can, make the walls and floor areas as accessible as possible, especially in places where leakage is occurring. Don’t move washers and dryers, oil tanks, furnaces or other appliances. Don’t worry about anything! Our Foundation Specialists will get to where they need to inspect.

You will receive a mailing from us before your appointment. Please look through it. It will help you understand more about any decisions you make in hiring a contractor to repair your basement.

Other than that, it’s a pretty simple. You’ll be asked some questions while our foundation specialist does the inspection. This is to properly understand your home’s issue and to prepare a plan to solve your basement water problem.

So, if you want your basement to be dry all of the time, call ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing!