'58 Foundations' Smarter Way™


For most people, ’58 Foundations is one of their best home-repair experiences! It is no accident. It’s the Smarter Way™.

The home repair industry is plagued, for the most part, with a reputation of unreliability. Contractors do not show up on time; do not do what they say they will do; overcharge; attempt to avoid responsibility; under-deliver; and much, much more. The poor reputation is well-deserved.

You will find something very refreshing about ’58 Foundations. We respect your home as if it were our own. We also respect you, your time, your budget and your dreams for your home. So when we tell you what and when we are going to do for you–we do it. No exceptions.

To make sure we adhere to this standard and all of our deadlines, every member of the ’58 Foundations team follows a rigid path that experience has helped us to create. We call it “Our Smarter Way.” It is a thorough checklist of accountability that ensures you get everything we promise you, in a very timely, courteous and professional fashion.

  • Proactive communication
  • Respect for your time
  • Well-mannered, clean employees
  • Thorough cleanup
  • Professional post-installation follow-up

We believe you will find our way of doing business to be a refreshing change from what you have come to expect.

The Initial Consultation and Free Analysis:
Our trained Consultant starts by seeking your input on what is happening in your basement, inspecting the area thoroughly, and then devising your solution options. Next, you will learn what is causing your problem, common industry alternatives, and how ’58 Foundations will solve it. Finally, we will price your job “to the penny.” No-high pressure sales tactics.

Delivering Your Agreed-Upon Solution:
We will discuss your job plan, which ensures that you, your consultant and the ’58 Foundations installation crew are all on the same page— with no confusion. If you decide to do business with ’58 Foundations, you will be asked to reserve a date on our installation calendar.

Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction:
Upon job completion, you will fill out an “After Job Completion Certificate” to provide us with your honest feedback on our service and product. You hold all the cards — we do not get paid until you are completely satisfied.

Ensuring Your Lasting Peace of Mind:
You will receive ’58 Foundations’ Lifetime Warranty, which protects your investment that increases the value of your home. Your investment is protected. Ask your local ’58 Foundations installer for specific warranty details!
Satisfy Every Customer — our success depends on it.

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