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Over 60 Years of Protecting Basements, Crawlspaces and Foundations in Georgia

From regular rains to leftovers from hurricanes, there’s a lot of ways for your home to get exposed to water in Georgia. But when that water begins to seep into the cracks of your foundation, pooling across the floor of your basement, or collecting as moisture in your crawlspace: it’s time to call the specialists to keep your home safe! 58’ Foundations has been fighting to keep homes like yours dry and safe since 1958—whether it’s repairing your foundation, encapsulating a crawlspace, or keeping your basement dry with our waterproofing, we have the expertise for that and much more!

For over 60 years, ’58 Foundations has built itself on quality and honesty, providing not just amazing services, but also a five-star customer experience. Whether you need your foundation inspected and repaired, or you need an expert for mold removal, we’ll always offer a free inspection for your situation, a zero-obligation price quote, and the peace of mind that comes with our lifetime warranty!

’58 Foundations is proud to be playing a part in many of Georgia’s communities! As a member of the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce and of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, we’ve been doing our part to promote business growth in the area, all while ensuring that our valued customers are enjoying strong foundations, mold-free crawlspaces, and waterproofed basements. We’re more than just a business—we believe in strengthening Georgia’s economy and helping our neighbors.

The Peach State is renowned for its place in the world of logistics for the United States, including being home to the busy Port of Savannah. But whether it’s the tall and majestic Batumi Technological University Tower, the aquatic attraction of the Georgia Aquarium, or your own Georgia residence, there is a foundation beneath that tower, a basement for a business’ equipment, or a crawlspace that may be beneath your home. With Georgia receiving anywhere from 45 to 75 inches of rain each year, time and Mother Nature can bring trouble to these important parts of our homes and buildings. But whether you need sagging floor repair in Atlanta or foundation repair in Athens, ’58 Foundations is here to fix the problem!

’58 Foundations is happily serving Georgia’s communities, from the Atlantic coasts of Savannah and Brunswick to Athens, Macon, and Atlanta. When you need help repairing your foundations, installing a sump pump, or removing harmful mold, ’58 Foundations will answer the call!

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They kept the basement as tidy as possible. All of our questions were answered and our concerns were addressed patiently. We are very happy with the finished product.

-William H, Atlanta, GA

Great people doing a big service for their clients. Encapsulation of our crawlspace was for our health and the house structure stability. I highly recommend them.

-Brent M, Atlanta, GA

They were professional and did a great job. Cleaned up all of their mess. I was closing on my house and they were able to get in and out with a big job in my basement.

-Christy P, Atlanta, GA

I give '58 Foundations my highest recommendation!! Their waterproofing system is durable, highly effective, and affordable.

-Valeria R, Marietta, GA

The employees were great. Explained everything as they went along and left everything clean. I highly recommend '58 Foundations!

-Chris C, Marietta, GA

Great workers, great job, finished on time. Friendly. No mess! Highly recommend.

-Maryann D, Alpharetta, GA

They only recommended the most practical solution, not the most expensive, needed to solve the problem.

-John M, Alpharetta, GA

Professional, high-quality workmen, and salesperson. Was never pushed into making a decision.

-Georgia G, Kennesaw, GA

They gave me a quote for my job that was reasonable, lower than others I had called. They were able to do the job quickly.

-Jackie G, Alpharetta, GA

Great explanation of what was going to be done then afterward walked me through everything to show that it was in fact done.

-Thor J, Macon, GA

10/10. Everything has been great. Everything so far has been exactly like they said it would be.

-Kevin E, Athens, GA

They did a great job everything was left clean.

-Alfreda B, Atlanta, GA

He was nice and gave me a good bit of informative information.

-Aliese D, Atlanta, GA

The guys that came out were very nice and explained what they were going to do and what for me to do. And did their work very quickly.

-Annette F, Atlanta, GA

Service work was done in a timely matter would recommend to anyone

-Bob P, Atlanta, GA

Quick response, kind people, excellent customer service.

-Bradley L, Atlanta, GA

Very customer oriented!. Brandon called when he was on his way and gave an ETA. He was here a little early, which was not a problem. He explained exactly what the crew would be doing. Plastic was put down so no red dirt would be tracked in. He was so polite and professional. The crew worked steady too. Brandon asked me to do a final inspection so he could explain what was done and reminded me about the electrical outlet. He gave excellent customer service.

-Brenda C, Atlanta, GA

All workers were professional, on time, provided a call when they were on the way to my house, and the work was good quality.

-Brenda S, Atlanta, GA

The actual work was excellent

-Brian and Melissa G, Atlanta, GA

Team was extremely friendly and courteous. Guy in charge made sure I checked off on everything they were going to do before they started and explained everything very thoroughly.

-Charles G, Atlanta, GA

Hard workers; showed up on time; when I asked them to fix some things that might have been minor but a hassle to get to it was fixed without any issue.

-Charna P, Atlanta, GA

Fast response, reasonable quote, good follow up, Mike is very personable.

-Cheryl C, Atlanta, GA

Mike was good and answered all my questions

-Chris K, Atlanta, GA

Did what he said he would, cleaned up real well. Problem solved.

-David M, Marietta, GA

Excellent. Professional service. Minimal mess. Good guys. Very fair price.

-David T, Marietta, GA


-George C, Marietta, GA

It was nice to have answers to our questions and had solutions. It was better than we thought.

-Gerald & Kathy C, Marietta, GA

Ease and speed of getting an estimate and then scheduling the work, and (so far) seems to have fixed the leak.

-Harold M, Marietta, GA

Everyone was very nice (from consultation to finished work), and everything was thoroughly explained. Also, there was very little dust afterwards, which is important to me because I have a son with special needs who has a trach/respiratory issues. Thank you.

-Ivana W, Marietta, GA

Good communication.

-Jennifer P, Gainesville, GA

Your crew was excellent and extremely hard working.

-Jim R, Gainesville, GA

Technicians were great, on time, friendly, professional, and they did a great job!

-John G, Gainesville, GA

Brandon was great to interact with. He and his team were professional and worked clean. The job was performed as expected.

-Jonnie O, Gainesville, GA

10. Communication throughout the buying and installation process was superb. The solution was what was needed to solve the problem; i.e., other companies offered solutions that were more expensive while your company suggested enough to fix the problem without being ridiculously expensive.

-Jordan S, Gainesville, GA

The crew was very professional that worked at my house. No one tried to sell me something different. I felt good after the work was done that I did not get my money taken. I am a satisfied customer.

-Kara P, Gainesville, GA

Your team had great communication. They let me know beforehand that they were on way, and also before they were finished. They also explained what they had to do.

-Landmark Group, Gainesville, GA

My experience was a 10. This is my second experience with your company. Your staff is professional, follow up and call back service was handled very well.

-Leslie K, Gainesville, GA

Mark represented the company & product very well. Customer Service Rep very prompt and polite. The company made me feel good about my decision, very trustworthy.

-Lydia R, Gainesville, GA

Thorough, Professional, Affordable.

-Matt W, Roswell, GA

Guys showed up on time. They weren't too noisy and addressed the concerns I had about the job. Cleaned up after they finished. The job was very important to me!

-Michael J, Roswell, GA

Everything was great with the install.

-Mike E, Roswell, GA

10+. From start to finish everyone was great, starting with Mike Tucker who explained everything clearly. Sedonna kept us updated and answered questions promptly. The work crews were very courteous and professional. The quality of the work was excellent and finished in a timely manner. Thanks for everything!

-Mike F, Athens, GA

Your guys were very professional and efficient.

-Mike S, Athens, GA

10. Communication.

-Mitchel P, Athens, GA

The guys were knowledgeable and polite. They were here for three days and worked hard! They cleaned up everything and left the basement neat. I was very pleased with the job and would give them a 10!

-Patrica P, Athens, GA

That was a great team that came out to my home and I was very satisfied with their service.

-Rhonda J, Athens, GA

10. The guys were great. Very professional with everything.

-Sherrie D, Athens, GA

Rate 10. Loved the technicians.

-Dorthy S, Athens, GA

In 2 words Trey and Brady. They were responsive and good listeners.

-Susan S, Athens, GA

Quickly done and the owner was so very easy and accommodating to deal with. Thank you!

-Susanne U, Athens, GA

Great explanation of what was going to be done then afterwards walked me through everything to show that it was in fact done. Great personality of the crew and very respectful/professional.

-Thor J, Athens, GA

They worked very hard and were polite.

-Tonya C, South Fulton, GA

Thorough inspection with detailed explanations of processes used to solve my leak.

-Tyler W, South Fulton, GA

They did a great job. They put all my dirt back and rinsed the mud off my side walk. They left my yard clean. Thank you.

-Virgina S, South Fulton, GA

10. I don't know of anything that could have been done different. Job well done.

-Walter F, South Fulton, GA

Basement Waterproofing in Georgia

Getting cracks in your basement floors and walls is bound to happen. But leaving them alone can lead to disastrous results when the heavy rains come again. When those cracks become leaks, it can lead to further damage to your basement as well as create the right environment for the growth of dangerous mold.

Whether you’re living in the greater Atlanta area, or you’re all in the on the coasts of Brunswick, ’58 Foundations can help you keep your basement dry and safe to use. Our basement waterproofing solutions are designed to effectively keep water away from your basement, greatly reducing the chances of damage caused by hydrostatic pressure, and with our lifetime warranty, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a quality product and our honest service. Take a look at our various basement expertise from sump pump installation to wet basement repair!

Our Areas of Expertise

Basement Waterproofing

Wet Basement Repair

Sump Pump Repair

Sump Pump Installation

Basement Moisture Issues

Bowing Basement Wall Repair

Sump Pump Installation & Service

Products: Interior drainage channel system, High-powered sump pumps, battery backup sump pump systems, waterproof wall membranes, air-filtering dehumidifiers

Crawlspace Repair in Georgia

Whether you’re using a crawlspace for storage, or simply as a barrier between your home and the earth, moisture can spell trouble for your crawlspace as well as you and your loved ones. If allowed to linger, that moisture can lead to wood rot, bowing crawlspace floors, and even harmful mold. If you suspect that your crawlspace is beginning to get damp, ’58 Foundations has the crawlspace repair services for you.

From crawlspace waterproofing and encapsulation to placing or replacing your crawlspace liners, ’58 Foundations can offer the comprehensive services you need to ensure your crawlspace and the rest of your home remains safe and dry. Have a look at our areas of expertise below for all the ways that we can help with your crawlspace!

Our Areas of Expertise

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace Waterproofing

Crawlspace Sealing

Crawlspace Moisture

Crawlspace Mold Issues

Crawl Space Liners

Products: Crawlspace encapsulation, tear-resistant vapor barrier, vent covers, water drainage channel system, crawlspace sump pump systems, air-filtering dehumidifiers

Foundation Repair in Georgia

Over time, your home will be exposed to the effects of weathering, hydrostatic pressure, and even house settlement—all of which can adversely affect your foundation. Eventually, your foundation may begin to show cracks, experience leaks, and even begin to bow as external forces continually assault your foundation’s integrity. But it doesn’t have to stay that way, nor should it—foundation repair in Georgia is just a call away!

’58 Foundations has been helping with the repair of foundations since 1958—whether you’re in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, or Macon, you can trust us to be there to help keep your foundation safe for many years to come. Read below for our areas of expertise in foundation repair!

Our Areas of Expertise

Foundation Repair

Foundation Cracks

Foundation Settlement

Bowing Walls

Structural Issues

Products: Helical piers, push piers, carbon fiber wall reinforcement, wall tiebacks, I-beams, floor stabilizer jacks, floor crack stitching, crack sealer injection

Mold Removal in Georgia

Wherever there’s longstanding damp in your home, you can expect it to also be home to an unwelcome guest. Mold can happen anywhere in a house, but it’s not uncommon to happen in crawlspaces and basements where water can leak, collect, and take a long time to evaporate. But house molds are hardly friendly—they can agitate respiratory issues such as asthma, and sensitive skin can even experience issues due to the presence of mold. If you happen to smell something musty in your house, especially in your basement or crawlspace, be sure to have ’58 Foundations perform an inspection to see if you require mold removal.

From the communities of Calhoun and Alpharetta to Albany and Valdosta, ’58 Foundations will be there to help get rid of that nasty mold so that your home can remain a safe and happy place to live. Take a look at our areas of mold removal expertise below and see how we can help with your mold problem!

Our Areas of Expertise

Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Crawlspace Mold Removal

Basement Mold Removal

Black Mold Removal

Mold Testing

Products: Bio-chemical solutions, indoor air quality (IAQ) testing

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