Water Seepage Through a Crack or Hole in Basement or Crawlspace

There are many ways that water can enter a basement or crawlspace. When water seeps through a crack or a hole, it can be a leaking basement wall or floor. Whether there’s water leaking through the floor or the wall, it is important to check a few other likely areas of entry. Doing so helps you get a full understanding of where the water is entering your basement or crawlspace.

Wondering how to stop water from leaking through basement walls or floors, or leaking into your crawlspace? Be sure to check the areas below:

  • The space where the wall meets the floor, called the cove, around the perimeter of your basement or crawlspace
  • Scan the floor because water can seep in through joints or cracks in the floor
  • Scan the walls, exterior elements of your foundation and possible cinder blocks can affect water leaking through a wall

Are You Noticing Water Leaking Through Cracks in the Wall of Your Basement?

It’s okay if some of these areas are inaccessible—you know water is seeping through a crack or hole, which means you know there is a problem, and a reason to call for an expert.

Water seeps through cracks or holes because these can easily become paths of least resistance for water to go. Hydrostatic pressure can build up on the outside of the foundation either next to it or under it. When that happens, the water eventually finds a different place to go in order to alleviate the pressure, which happens to be through the crack or hole in your basement or crawlspace. Ideally, the water goes down into the ground, but if there is a perched water table, there may be clay and rocks preventing the water from descending into the earth, prompting the water to find other paths—like into your home through a cracked basement wall.

The causes of water pressure on the exterior of your foundation can be many. Oftentimes, the specific causes of the water seeping through a crack or hole in your basement or crawlspace can be unidentifiable. The best way to solve the problem is to find a solution that stops the most common ways for groundwater to enter a basement or crawlspace.

We provide long-lasting basement and crawlspace solutions designed to eliminate groundwater problems. Contact your nearest ‘58 Foundations location and schedule a free appointment today.

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