Signs You Need to Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor

Exterior foundation crack due to uneven settlement

Calling a foundation repair contractor probably isn’t on your list of enjoyable things to do. But letting a foundation problem go unaddressed is highly inadvisable. Even what looks to be a minor problem could be a sign that your foundation has deeper underlying problems. Consider a crack in a foundation wall, for example. If it is small, such as less than a quarter inch, then it is probably nothing serious. A wider crack, on the other hand, is likely going to require the attention of a qualified foundation repair professional. Whatever the cause(s), a foundation repair contractor will be able gauge the severity of the problem and prevent it from becoming a bigger one down the road.

Signs That Your Home May Need Foundation Repair

Finding a crack in a foundation wall is just one way of determining that you may need assistance from a foundation repair expert. What else can indicate a foundation issue? Warning signs include:

  • Cracks in the basement floor
  • A gap where the floor and wall meet
  • Foundation wall bowing
  • Sloping floors
  • Windows not opening and closing properly
  • Doors not opening and closing properly
  • Leaning chimney
  • Standing water in the basement

Common Causes of Foundation Damage

Hydrostatic Pressure

There could be different reasons as to why your foundation has a crack. It can be due to poor construction. Or if it is just a hairline crack that has been there since you moved in, it could be from the concrete drying after construction.

But it could also have something to do with something outside of your foundation. Usually, this external element is water. When water comes to rest against your foundation, it creates what’s called hydrostatic pressure. This water pressure increases as more water saturates the soil surrounding your foundation. While your foundation may hold for a time, enough repeated events involving this immense pressure can lead to the crack or cracks you see. What’s more, these cracks can eventually begin leaking if it is water that’s causing the damage. Now a foundation crack problem has turned into a wet basement problem as well.

As you can see, it’s important to have the damage professionally assessed and to do it promptly. Waiting on the problem will only lead to more damage and extra repair costs.

Uneven Foundation Settlement

Soil erosion around your foundation can also lead to foundation problems. Whether by water or some other cause, as soil is moved or compacted, voids are created which can cause uneven settling of the foundation. Cracks will then begin to appear near the site of uneven settlement.

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