Repairing Large Foundation Cracks in Ringgold, GA

If you look closely, you can see that the horizontal foundation crack had grown large enough to see the sunlight on the other side.

A homeowner in Ringgold, GA called us because he was getting worried about some fairly large cracks in his crawlspace walls.  As you’ll see in the photos, multiple cracks were large enough that daylight was coming through.  These cracks were a definite sign that one side of this house was sinking.  One crack above the crawlspace door frame was two-inches wide at points!

When we did our inspection, we learned that this Ringgold resident had been watching these cracks expand over a seven year period and had finally grown so concerned that he had to find help. Our specialist created a plan that included three walls needing to be stabilized with ’58 Strong Galvanized Helical Piers. These piers will stop this foundation from any further movement, and possibly lift it a bit to bring in a little closer to where it was. 

However, lifting is not a solution. Too much can go wrong with lifting. This homeowner had been watching the cracks expand for seven years.  This was too long in this case. Catching the problem early before a wall crack gets too large and stabilizing it then would have been a better solution.