Basement Problem Signs

Standing Water in Your Basement

Standing Water in Your Basement

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Experiencing water accumulation or pooling in your basement is an unsettling situation. Such water presence can wreak havoc on your basement finishing, damage cherished belongings, and pose health risks due to the flourishing of mold and mildew in a damp environment.

Water infiltration may arise through basement walls or floor leaks, particularly during heavy rainfall or snowmelt. An effective solution involves the installation of a drainage channel and a sump pump beneath the basement floor. This setup redirects water away, preventing it from causing issues on your basement floor.

Combatting moisture and enhancing air quality in damp conditions, a basement dehumidifier plays a crucial role. Combining drainage and dehumidification safeguards against the harm brought about by standing water and saturated basements, ultimately fostering a safer and healthier home.

Studies indicate that over 70% of basements constructed before 1988 encounter waterproofing issues that can lead to pooling or standing water. Research findings also reveal that 74% of homes face wet basement problems, encompassing condensation, leaks, and flooding.

Understanding the Causes of Basement Flooding

While managing rainwater runoff and eliminating potential pooling spots through proper grading and maintenance of gutters and downspouts can mitigate basement flooding, a significant portion of basement water intrusion arises from a high water table. Subterranean water channels and excessive rain contribute to an elevation in the water level surrounding your foundation.

This elevation creates hydrostatic pressure, driving water into your basement through cracks or cold joints, where concrete walls meet dry concrete footings. Given the conventional construction approach involving these elements, basements are inherently predisposed to leakage.

Redirecting Rainwater

Efforts such as proper grading and maintenance of gutters and downspouts can certainly aid in managing water runoff. However, these measures may prove insufficient in some instances, warranting the consideration of a basement waterproofing system to effectively keep water at bay.

Recognizing Additional Damage

Standing water serves as an indicator of excess water buildup around your foundation, exerting additional pressure on your foundation walls. This pressure can lead to various forms of damage, including cracks, leaning, bowing, or shearing of basement walls, especially if constructed from concrete blocks.

Over time, such damage to your basement walls tends to worsen, underscoring the urgency of addressing water issues promptly and attending to wall damage if the problem has advanced to that extent.

The Solution: Basement Waterproofing System Installation

To proactively channel water away from your foundation and prevent its entry onto your basement floor, installing a comprehensive drainage system is paramount. This system typically incorporates a drainage channel beneath the basement floor, complemented by a sump pump system for water expulsion.

At ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing, we offer the leading-edge Channel ’58 basement drainage channel paired with our Workhorse OT+ sump pump system. Together, this dynamic combination efficiently evacuates water, surpassing the capabilities of alternative systems. Regardless of heavy rainfall, your basement will remain safeguarded and dry, ensuring a well-protected living space.

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