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Is Your Foundation Ready for a Rainier 2022 Hurricane Season?

In 1984, at Colorado State University, a scientist by the name of Dr. Bill Gray decided to develop the university’s first predictions for the seasonal Atlantic hurricanes. To this day, the CSU tropical weather and climate research team continues to provide yearly predictions for the Atlantic hurricane season, which has provided valuable information for those

Why Does Moisture Damage Our Concrete Foundations?

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials we use today. From our roads and pathways to towering skyscrapers, it’s present in our everyday lives. It is also what makes up our residential foundations, providing a strong and solid platform for our homes to remain stable. But concrete consists of a mix of ingredients,

What to Do in the Case of Drought Conditions

From orbit, NASA and its partners have four satellites (Jason-3, GPM, GRACE-FO, and SMAP) keeping watch on the evolving situation of our planet’s climate—particularly observing various aspects of our water levels ranging from soil moisture to the height of rivers and reservoirs. But the data being gathered by these satellites is painting an alarming situation:

Understanding Your Home’s Humidity Can Save Your Wallet

Have you ever noticed how a hot and humid summer day feels worse than a dry one? Or how dry winter air feels more bitingly cold? Just as you’re thinking about the way those sensations feel, the way they can make your day feel a little harsher, it’s just as taxing on something else: your

What Causes Foundation Walls to Bulge?

No home can stand against the forces of time and nature forever. For many homes out there, it can be a common occurrence to see a foundation wall begin to lean, bulge, or bow—but many homeowners may see this as a problem with the wall instead of what outside influences may be affecting their foundation

What Is the White Chalky Substance on My Foundation Walls?

You may have noticed some odd discoloration on your foundation’s concrete walls or an odd white stain on the brick. Some white powdery stuff that seems to be growing or changing on the wall over time. You may be feeling alarmed and worried that it’s some sort of mold, that it may be releasing potentially

Is My Foundation Crack Serious?

If you’ve noticed a foundation crack that you could’ve sworn wasn’t there before, it can be easy to feel concerned and to even lose sleep over it. But there are different kinds of cracks that can occur in your foundation wall, some that are cause for concern and require repair, while others may have no

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

Whether you have a foundation made of concrete block, brick, or poured concrete, cracks can be alarming. Your first initial thought may be if the crack is superficial or disastrous. Below, we will go over what causes foundation cracks and the different types.  Top Causes of Foundation Cracks • Drought When there isn’t enough moisture,