Unfortunately, basements can flood. Whether it’s from living in an area with heavy rains or because of ruptured plumbing, there’s a chance that your basement can turn into a miniature pool. When flooding occurs in your basement, you will be faced with various potential dangers, which is why it is important to have a flooded basement cleaned as soon as possible. But whether you’ve experienced a flooded basement, or you’re looking to learn more so that you can prepare, we’re here to help you figure out what to do next.

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If Your Basement Gets Flooded: The Immediate Aftermath

First thing’s first, stay out of the water as much as you can. In the case that sewage has been brought up through your floor drains during the flooding, the water can be full of harmful bacteria. What’s more, if you had any electrical equipment in your basement, it could make the risk of electrocution all the greater. Instead of trying to wade into the water or risk falling in, it’s time to make some calls to begin the basement repair process.

Calling the Electrician

If you have electrical equipment in the basement, the first thing should be to call for the electrician to have your power turned off and to have any electrical equipment removed from the basement that may have been affected by the water. Once the risk of electrocution has been removed from the equation, it’s time to call in the professionals to deal with the water.

Who Next to Call: What Is the Source of the Water Problem?

Depending on the source of your flooded basement problem, that will help you figure out who to call next. If you have a ruptured pipe, water tank, or waste line, calling for a plumber will be your next step. If it’s because of a septic tank backup or because your sewer line has become clogged and backed up, you’ll want to either call for a septic specialist or even speak with your local sewage department to see if the sewer clog is somewhere in your neighborhood (it may even be affecting your neighbors too).

If your flooded basement is because of foundation problems, then you may need to contact a foundation repair expert to help inspect your basement and determine what needs to be done, such as sealing cracks or cleaning out the French drains in the basement. With the right foundation or basement repair expert, you can make sure your basement is checked for all possible sources of leaks. If you have a preexisting drainage system that’s failing, they’ll know how to clean the French drains in your basement, or replace them, so that water keeps moving away.

But now that you know who to call, you may be wondering how much would it cost to get all this work done?

How Much for Cleaning a Flooded Basement?

The total cost for your basement cleanup will depend on how much water had entered your basement, and how promptly it was removed before it could cause further damage. The longer water is allowed to sit in your basement, the more damage that can happen! From minor pooling to a severe flooding of the basement, repair costs can range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. These are just estimates, but your cost will be determined by a professional when they provide their own estimate based on their inspection of your basement.

There are some things that you can clean and tidy up yourself, but there are a lot of things that should be left to the professionals such as the cleaning of septic waste or the removal of potentially dangerous electrical equipment that has been damaged by the flooding. But you can feasibly take care of your own replacement drywall and carpeting if you had done up your basement. Along with removing all water-damaged items in your basement, you should also be sure to disinfect everything that was within the water’s reach. You wouldn’t want any harmful bacteria to be lingering in your basement, and the cleaning process will also help prevent mold from gaining a foothold.

Also, if you live in an area that you suspect may have flooding occur, be sure to double check with your homeowner’s insurance and see if there is coverage or an option for coverage against flooding. Flood insurance can do you a great favor in recovering from such an event but be sure to be thorough in your documentation in the event of a flood. Take lots of pictures and videos of the damage that has occurred.

Repair Your Water-Damaged Basement with ’58 Foundations

Whether your French drains are failing, or you have a basement wall with leaking cracks, ’58 Foundations has the high-quality products and honest methods to make your basement safe and dry once again with our basement waterproofing methods. From effective drainage channels to sump pump installation, we’ll help keep water out of your basement and foundation, so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve while using your basement. Call us today to schedule for a free basement waterproofing inspection and estimate!