Insulating Your Crawl Space Door? Don’t Forget Crawl Space Encapsulation!

An open and exposed crawlspace
This crawl space has a crawl space door, allowing outside air to enter. That also means outside moisture is getting into your crawl space!

Are you insulating your crawl space door? Trying to keep out the humid summers? Or maybe you’re preparing your crawl space for the winter in hopes of keeping that cold air out? Letting outside air invade your crawl space can mean inviting outside moisture, pollution, and even small pests that can fit into those same openings.

But insulating and sealing your crawl space door won’t be enough to protect your crawl space.

It’s highly recommended that you also contact a contractor that specializes in encapsulating crawl spaces. Once insulated and air-sealed, your crawl space door may keep the outside from reaching in. But that won’t stop the outside elements from affecting your crawl space by seeping through its walls or floor.

That’s where ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing can help with our crawl space encapsulation services! Since 1958, our company has been providing crawl space encapsulation services to homeowners like you. With our crawl space encapsulation solutions, you can properly control the moisture levels in your crawl space and protect your home from moisture-related problems.

Why Encapsulate My Crawl Space?

Generally, the inside of a house is dryer than the outside environment. It wouldn’t be good to let a home become too humid, since that would mean problems like mold. But due to your home’s interior environment being drier, it can become a draw for moisture as the drier air absorbs any moisture it can get.

To maintain your comfortable home climate, you’ll need to prevent that moisture vapor from reaching the inside of your home. This is especially important for your crawl space because moisture from the outside air and soil can easily enter if the crawl space isn’t sealed.

Crawl space encapsulation utilizes several components to prevent invasive moisture from entering your crawl space…

  • Vapor barrier
  • Crawl space vent blocks
  • Crawl space dehumidifier

Other products may be used depending on your crawl space’s unique situation. But with this combination of components, your crawl space can be given the proper moisture control it needs.

Vent blocks will prevent outside air from freely flowing into your crawl space.

A vapor barrier will be used to cover your crawl space floor, walls, and supports, preventing moisture from seeping through and filling the crawl space air.

Finally, the crawl space dehumidifier provides that final line of defense, ensuring that the crawl space’s climate remains consistent.

Mold, wood rot, and insect pests infest damp floorboards and floor joists
A damp lower level can mean mold, wood rot, and insect pests moving into your home.

Other Benefits to Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

Aside from protecting against outside moisture, crawl space encapsulation also offers other benefits that can make your home life more comfortable.

Without the presence of excess moisture and humidity, your crawl space will be protected from moisture-related problems including…

  • Mold growth (common household mold species include black mold, Aspergillus, and Penicillium)
  • Wood rot on wooden supports like crawl space floor joists
  • Pests including dust mites and termites that require moisture to survive

What’s more, encapsulating your crawl space creates a neat and clean space that can be used as an extra space. Some have used their encapsulated crawl spaces as extra storage space, while some have even used theirs as a finished play space. Your imagination’s the limit! An encapsulated crawl space can also improve the value of your home, in case you’re planning to sell your home.

Enjoy a Safe and Dry Crawl Space with the ‘58 Difference!

An encapsulated crawlspace with supports wrapped in a vapor barrier lining
With a ’58 crawl space encapsulation in place, even your supports will be encapsulated to ensure that no outside moisture gets through!

For over 64 years, ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing has been protecting homes with our crawl space encapsulation and crawl space waterproofing services. From our own Energy-Star Rated HumidiGuard dehumidifiers to our specially-engineered Channel ‘58 drainage channels, we use every ounce of our expertise to provide products that effectively solve your damp crawl space problems for years and years. Enjoy unmatched peace of mind, when you choose ‘58, with our lifetime warranty and industry-unique money-back guarantee!

We have local offices all throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Whether you live near Knoxville, TN, Charlotte, NC, Baltimore, MD, or Atlanta, GA, there’s a team of ‘58 crawl space experts ready to help!

Contact us today to schedule for a free inspection and a detailed estimate! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your crawl space. With our crawl space encapsulation solutions, your crawl space and your crawl space door will be all set to keep outside moisture where it belongs: outside!