Diagonal Cracks Coming from the Corners of Doors or Windows

Diagonal Cracks Coming from the Corners of Doors or Windows

A diagonal crack coming from the corner of a window or door could be a sign of a problem with your foundation.

Typically, foundation problems that cause these cracks at the corners of doors or windows also cause a few other symptoms, such as sloping floors, exterior wall cracks or basement floor cracks. Checking for these will help start the process of finding and solving the problem.

The problem that these diagonal cracks is that the foundation of your home may be settling.

If a section of your home is settling or sinking into the earth, cracks will begin to appear in your drywall as well as in your concrete basement floor or in the foundation walls. Another reason could be due to a failing floor system usually caused by high levels of moisture and wood rot.

Do You Want to Know the Cause of These Cracks at the Corners of Windows or Doors?

These diagonal cracks around windows and doors should not be ignored if they are connected with a foundation problem. Sinking or settling foundations only get worse with time. As they worsen, the repair costs go up and your property value could potentially go down.

At ’58 Foundations, we specialize in identifying the reasons behind these cracks and create plans to solve them. We provide property owners with free foundation inspections and price quotes.

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