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Drying Your Crawlspace Is The Solution To Many Problems Within Your Home

The crawlspace, or crawl space, was designed to act as a buffer between your home and the moisture from the soil beneath. However, this doesn’t quite work as well as originally though. In fact, crawlspaces can become traps for moisture, allergens, and pollution. A damp crawlspace can even become an inviting place for pests like termites, dust mites, and rodents.

With that excess moisture buildup comes problems like mold, humidity, and other problems that can affect not just your crawlspace but also your home’s living spaces.

Did you know that more than 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes up from your crawlspace?

The moist, smelly air is sucked up into the main living spaces through convection. This is known as the “stack effect”, or chimney effect.

That means whatever is in your crawlspace is in the air of the upper levels of your home. Mold spores, dust mite particles, pest animal odors, muggy humidity… this is what you and your family are breathing.

That’s not a good feeling! The good news is that you can take control of the moisture levels in your crawlspace. Since 1958, ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing has been providing guaranteed results with our crawlspace services. With our experts on your side, you can say goodbye to a damp and moldy crawlspace and say hello to a crawlspace that’s neat, clean, and healthy!

Our team of highly trained experts in crawlspace repair solutions are ready to help. From 20-mil thick vapor barriers to our Energy-Star Rated HumidiGuard™ crawlspace dehumidifiers, we have the quality products designed to provide your crawlspace with long-lasting protection. With more than 64 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to have the right dehumidifying solution for your crawlspace!

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Crawlspace Dehumidifier Solutions

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Crawlspace Dehumidification Creates A Healthier Home
Crawlspace Dehumidification Creates A Healthier Home
The Health Of Your Family Is Probably Of Utmost Importance To You. It Is For Us…And Has Been Since Our Inception In 1958…
Warning Signs You Have A Crawlspace Problem
Warning Signs You Have A Crawlspace Problem
Crawlspaces Have Been A Challenge For Homeowners For Decades. They Are Designed To Serve As A Buffer Between The House And The Damp Earth Below…
What Causes Crawlspace Issues?
What Causes Crawlspace Issues?
Crawlspaces Have Been A Challenge For Homeowners For Decades. They Are Designed To Serve As A Buffer Between The House And The Damp Earth Below…
The HumidiGuard™ Dehumidification And Air Filtration System Is The Perfect Solution
The HumidiGuard™ Dehumidification And Air Filtration System Is The Perfect Solution
’58 Foundations & Waterproofing Has An Exclusive Dehumidifier Line To Address The…

Crawlspace Dehumidification Creates A Healthier Home

The health of your family is of the utmost importance to you. We know the feeling, which is why we’ve been helping repair crawlspaces like yours since 1958. All that time has led to over 60 years of experience in sourcing and developing the best quality products. One such product is the HumidiGuard™, our professional-grade, specially designed dehumidifier to handle the harsh environment of a crawlspace.

Your crawlspace plays a larger role in your home than you might expect. Moisture-filled air in your crawlspace can quickly lead to problems including wood rot, musty odors, mold and mildew growth, insect infestations, higher energy bills, and even health issues for those with allergies and respiratory illnesses.

At the core of these problems are moisture and humidity in your crawlspace. Eliminating this moisture can help improve the air quality, save on energy costs, and protect the structural integrity of your home.

A crawlspace dehumidifier’s job is to strip the moisture out of the air. The HumidiGuard™ Dehumidification and Air Filtration System combined with the ’58 Finished Crawlspace encapsulation system eliminates the risk of mold and mildew to make your home’s air quality healthier.

Our HumidiGuard™ crawlspace dehumidifier and air filtration system can keep your crawlspace dry in an energy efficient and easy-to-use manner. Some of the other benefits that you’ll enjoy include:

  • Cleans and filters the air. This includes mold spores and dust mite allergens down to 2 microns.
  • Self-draining. No need to empty messy water trays, no need for a condensate pump. All you need to do is connect a dehumidifier hose or install the HumidiGuard™ over a drain, and it’ll take care of the rest.
  • Large-capacity water removal. Up to 70 to 130 pints of water per day.
  • Set it and forget it smart controls. Turns on and off automatically at target humidity level.
  • Save on energy bills. A damp crawlspace can make your heater or AC work harder—a dry crawlspace will give your heating and cooling a break, along with your energy costs!

If you are concerned about the air you breathe in your home, or if you’ve noticed something unsettling in your crawlspace, call ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing for a free crawlspace inspection. Our approach is easy—we’ll provide you with a zero-pressure, zero-obligation recommendation and price quote.

Warning Signs You Have a Crawlspace Problem

For decades, crawlspaces have been a challenge for homeowners. They are designed to serve as a buffer between the house and the damp earth below. They are also a place to house utility cables, HVAC equipment and ductwork, and they provide access to hard-to-reach places within the home.

The challenge with crawlspace design is that it becomes a repository for humid air and moisture, which is not healthy for the home or the people living in the house.

Signs that may indicate you have crawlspace problems include:

  • Unusual, muggy air that won’t go away
  • High humidity
  • Moisture, mold growth, or musty odors
  • Condensation on walls, vapor barriers, or HVAC equipment
  • Bouncy, sloping, or sagging areas in floors
  • Standing water
  • Insulation falling from or hanging from joists
  • Foundation cracks
  • Rotting wood
  • Insects, rodents, and other animals living in the space (can you hear them?)

Fortunately, ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing can help you create a healthier home with our crawlspace repair services. Call us today to schedule your free inspection. We know how stressful it is dealing with home repairs. We make it easy with our zero-pressure, no hassle approach!

What Causes Crawlspace Problems?

Crawlspaces with open vents and dirt floors are notorious for creating a humid environment that is perfect for mold growth. This can cause problems for both your home and your family. When mold grows on your floor joists, insulation, or other organic matter in your crawlspace, it releases spores that are carried up into your house. Anyone with a mold allergy can be affected and experience a variety of symptoms. Mold spores can also agitate the symptoms of those who must deal with asthma. For people with weakened immune systems, mold can even cause infections such as the illnesses collectively known as Aspergillosis.

In addition, moisture-filled air leads to wood rot. This can weaken your home’s floor joists and floorboards. Are you experiencing soft or bouncy floors? Or warping of your wood floors? This is likely being caused by a weakened floor system above a crawlspace as wood rot slowly eats away at the wood.

Air rising from your crawlspace can account for over 50% of your home’s air composition. If that air is damp, your HVAC will have to work overtime to compensate, and you’ll end up paying more in energy costs just to keep your home comfortable.

Problems caused by humid crawlspace air include:

  • Mold growth
  • Increase in allergens
  • Wood rot
  • Insulation damage
  • Failing floor systems
  • Rodent and bug infestation
  • Higher energy bills

The HumidiGuard™ Dehumidification And Air Filtration System Is The Perfect Solution

’58 Foundations & Waterproofing has an exclusive line of dehumidifiers to address the moisture problems that crawlspaces experience: The HumidiGuard™ Dehumidification and Air Filtration System, which has been specifically designed for use in a crawlspace.

The rugged HumidiGuard™ dehumidifier series can remove up to 130 pints of water per day from a crawlspace. As part of the ’58 Crawlspace Encapsulation System, the HumidiGuard™ dehumidifier takes care of removing airborne moisture.

By bringing moisture levels down to 50% relative humidity, our HumidiGuard™ can bring these benefits to your crawlspace and home:

  • Dries up mold in the crawlspace
  • Prevents wood from rotting
  • Protects the flooring system above the crawlspace
  • Protects your stored items from the effects of moisture
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs by reducing moisture in the air.


The HumidiGuard™ Series of Dehumidifiers  

HumidiGuard™ dehumidifiers come in three models: the 70, 100, and 130 models. These numbers refer to the number of pints per day of water that these dehumidifiers can remove from the air.

These crawlspace dehumidifiers are compact in size, comparable to a large plastic container. These units can conveniently be suspended from floor joists to reduce noise and vibration as well as protect them from any plumbing leaks that could occur.

HumidiGuard™ crawlspace dehumidifiers are Auto-On. This means that they are set to the level of preferred humidity in the air, and they will operate when needed to maintain that level. Setting these units at 50% will keep your crawlspace and entire home:

  • Drier
  • Healthier
  • More comfortable
  • More energy efficient

An automatic sensor tests the air every minute and if the relative humidity rises above 50%, the unit automatically turns on and begins extracting moisture from the air.

HumidiGuard™ Specifications

All three HumidiGuard™ crawlspace dehumidifiers come with these features:

  • Energy Star rated: Uses less electricity than hair dryer appliances!
  • High efficiency: 4x more efficient than any competitor in the marketplace
  • Low maintenance: Dedicated drain, so there is no messy water tray to empty
  • Interchangeable air filters that screen out particles down to 2 microns
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in America

’58 Foundations & Waterproofing offers two dehumidifiers designed for larger areas: the HumidiGuard™ E100, for up to 5,5000 sq. ft. and 100 pints/day, and the HumidiGuard™ E130, for up to 7,200 sq. ft. and 130 pints/day.

With our HumidiGuard™ line, we’ll be able to keep your crawlspace free of moisture and mold, no matter how big your crawlspace may be.

The ’58 Finished Crawlspace Encapsulation System

The ’58 Finished Crawlspace is a complete solution to control the crawlspace environment and to create a healthier living space. For the best results, the HumidiGuard™ dehumidifier should be used in concert with an encapsulation of the entire crawlspace.

Using quality products and honest methods developed over our 64+ years of experience, the ’58 Finished Crawlspace will create a drier, safer, and healthier environment that eliminates all of the problems associated with excess moisture like:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Structural wood damage
  • Higher energy costs
  • Reduced performance of HVAC and other mechanical systems

Exterior air and an open dirt floor will always be significant sources of airborne moisture. Sealing the exterior vents and encapsulating the entire dirt floor with a 20-mil, Class-A fire-rated, poly-woven vapor barrier creates a protected environment for your crawlspace dehumidifier to properly dry and maintain. In fact, today’s building codes in most states no longer allow a contractor to put a dehumidifier into a crawlspace and just seal the vents—it must now be fully encapsulated.

As a bonus, the ’58 Finished Crawlspace will now become a usable space for storage, improving your home’s re-sale value in the process. Whatever your imagination can think of—it will become an environmentally comfortable space for you to use.

If your crawlspace is having trouble keeping dry, give ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing a call today to schedule a free inspection and to receive a detailed estimate. With over 64 years of experience, we’ll be sure to make your crawlspace a safe, dry, and healthy space once again. With a dry crawlspace comes a home with healthy and comfortable living spaces for you and your loved ones.

Call the Five-Star Crawlspace Experts for a Free Inspection and Price Quote

  1. Conversation and Collaboration.To understand your goals, we will ask a lot of questions…and we’ll be listening! That way we can clearly understand the problem, and we can determine a personalized solution for you!
  2. Detailed Inspection.Together, we will walk around your home to perform a thorough inspection. You can point things out and we’ll talk about the process.
  3. A Healthy Solution.Your Foundation Specialist will provide a written recommendation that meets your goals. Cost included.
  4. Five-Star Installation.The ’58 Crew will be there on time and communicate throughout the process. No surprises!
  5. Money-Back* Confidence.Combined with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your system will protect your home for the length of that warranty—a lifetime!

*That’s right, if we can’t fix it, we’ll return your money. Ask your Foundation Specialist for details. We’re always working together to deliver a five-star experience!


Sizing recommendations are based on tight homes with 0.5 ACH (air changes per hour) in most regions. Regions with high humidity will require more dehumidification, which causes sizing recommendations to vary. Your Foundation Specialist will help you determine which option is the best for your home.

Many people ask this question! For the best results, your dehumidifier should be set at 50%. This takes into account any fluctuations that may occur. It will help reduce the moisture in the air that rises from your crawlspace into your home’s living spaces above (remember, the Stack Effect).

We typically associate humidity with hot, muggy summer days. That’s also when we try to cool and dehumidify our homes for comfort. But rarely do we think of how humidity affects us during the colder months. Controlling the indoor relative humidity of your home is actually important all throughout the year.

Also known as “RH”, indoor relative humidity indicates the amount of water vapor (by percentage) that’s actually in the air compared to the maximum amount that the air could hold under the same conditions. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold.

The importance of RH as it relates to your indoor comfort comes into play when your air is heated. In the colder months, outdoor air is brought into your home and heated. The outdoor to indoor RH levels can drop dramatically if your home is not dehumidified or under-humidified.

When RH levels fall below recommended levels, the dry air can lead to problems for you and your family including health problems, discomfort, home damage, and higher energy costs. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, managing your RH can affect a range of factors that contribute to your comfort and health.

An average 70-pint dehumidifier use 700W of energy. This is a lot less electricity than your water heater, air conditioner, or even your vacuum cleaner!