Cracks in the Basement Floor? May Be Signs of Bigger Problems.

Cracks in the Basement Floor? May Be Signs of Bigger Problems.

Cracks in your basement floor could be an indicator of a change in the soil beneath your home.

If these are new cracks in a relatively newly built home, this could be simple concrete shrinkage and nothing to worry about (unless they are leaking). If it’s an older home with new or widening floor cracks, it could be sign that movement of the floor has occurred.

As basement floors don’t generally move, this is a possible indication that a part of the home has begun to settle.

Why Cracks in the Floor Occur

A fairly common reason that basement floors can crack is due to changes in the foundation of your home. More accurately, it’s due to the soil that your home sits on.

Over time, the soil beneath your home can shift or compact. These soil changes can cause the parts of a building’s foundation to settle or sink into the earth at varying rates. If the foundation is settling unevenly, cracks can begin to appear.

To better understand the causes behind your basement floors cracks, have a licensed and trained foundation specialist from a ’58 Foundations dealer near you come to your home for a free inspection and price quote. Simply call or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

And remember, it’s important to fix foundation issues sooner than later as they only get more costly with time.

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