Carbon Fiber Wall Repair

Carbon fiber wall straps installed

Hydrostatic pressure is created as water builds up in the soil around your foundation. This happens when it rains and the water table begins to rise. While your foundation may be designed to be strong and withstand a lot of pressure, this hydrostatic pressure can eventually cause damage is not addressed. Your foundation wall or floor may begin to show cracks. But for your foundation walls, those cracks may just be the beginning. As hydrostatic pressure continues to push on those cracked walls, those walls may begin to bow or bulge. This is a kind of problem that will only get worse with time, so it is best to address it promptly and stabilize your foundation before further structural damage occurs.

Fortunately, with the right foundation expert, there are ways to stabilize and repair your foundation. ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing offers a variety of high-quality products to repair foundations like yours. One of those types of products that can help with your bowing wall problem is our carbon fiber wall repair solutions!

Carbon ’58 Wall Straps

Our Carbon ’58 Wall Straps are used to repair bowing walls on both block and concrete foundations. However, block walls are far more likely to bow and therefore need these types of repairs more frequently than poured concrete walls.

There are 3 basic carbon fiber products that can be used for foundation repair problems.

  • 4″ Carbon Fiber Straps. Carbon fiber straps (also known as Carbon Laminates) are about as thin as a dime (0.05″), but their tensile strength is stronger than steel. These strips or laminates are used to repair bowing walls that are not deflected more than 2″ laterally. ‘58 Foundations properly prepares the wall and applying a tough epoxy to create an extremely strong bond. The application fully cures in 3 to 5 days and is safe to paint on in 24 hours.
  • 10″ Unidirectional Flexible Carbon Fabric. This is a flexible carbon fiber mesh material that is also used to stop bowing in block or concrete walls. The tensile strength of this 10″ fabric is about the same as the 4″ strips/laminates. This unidirectional carbon fabric may be used instead of laminate strips when the block wall is bowing and the mortar joints are out of alignment, or if the masonry components are somewhat loose or deflected. The 10″ fabric adds increased stability to more of the individual blocks.
  • 12″ Bi-Directional Flexible Carbon Fabric. This product is used to repair cracking block walls. The cracks can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The thickness of this material is 0.047″.

For Carbon Fiber Wall Repair, Lean on ’58!

If your foundation walls are bowing or bulging, don’t wait, call ’58! Let us help you determine the best carbon fiber wall strap solution to completely solve your home problems! We serve nine states on the Eastern Seaboard including Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. ’58 also serves the communities of Washington DC!

From foundation repair and basement waterproofing to crawlspace encapsulation and mold removal, you can lean on ’58 for it all! Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and to receive a detailed price quote!

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