3 Steps to Save Money On Your Basement – Especially a Finished One

So you’ve decided to take the leap and turn your basement into a finished space! But if you’re not careful in your preparations, a finished basement can eventually become an expensive disaster. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on your basement and protect that investment. Read on to learn more about what to look out for and how ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing can help!

It is a common to have moisture problems in the basement. This especially becomes apparent whenever it rains and the water table rises to meet the foundation. As hydrostatic pressure builds against your foundation, moisture and groundwater can infiltrate the basement, leading to various moisture-related problems including…

  • Mold
  • Wood Rot
  • Water Damage to Belongings and Furniture
  • Termites, dust mites, and other pests
  • Humidity problems

So how can you make sure that you don’t have to deal with these kinds of problems and their associated repair costs? To protect all you’ve invested into your finished basement, be sure that you take these 3 important steps to save money on your basement, especially for a finished one…

Check for Efflorescence

Efflorescence around crack on basement floor
Efflorescence can be found both around a basement floor crack and where water has pooled and evaporated.

Have you ever seen a white, fluffy substance on concrete? It might look a bit like mold, but it’s nothing like that. In fact, it’s a form of salty deposit that happens when there’s a moisture problem. This is what’s called efflorescence.

As groundwater and moisture infiltrate your basement’s concrete, the salts in the concrete are dissolved and carried to the surface with the water. But when that water evaporates, the salts are left behind on the concrete surface.

Efflorescence itself isn’t dangerous to your basement, but it is a warning sign that your basement is experiencing intrusive groundwater or moisture problems. Action will need to be taken to protect your basement before other moisture-related problems arise.

Inspect the Edges of Your Basement Flooring or the Underside of Your Carpet

Be sure to inspect the edges of your flooring or the underside of your carpeting. Do you notice any staining along those edges? If so, then there’s been excess moisture or invasive groundwater. The staining can consist of different things including mold growth and/or mineral deposits from the water evaporating. If you should detect staining along the edges of your flooring, it is important to call for a mold removal specialist and have the wet basement problem addressed promptly.

Look for Staining on Your Basement’s Wood Baseboard or Drywall

Similar to the flooring, if there is staining on your basement’s wood baseboard or drywall, there’s a good chance it’s from moisture or groundwater problems. Mold growth can leave stains of various colors on your drywall and baseboard, ranging from black spots to rusty yellow splotches.

'58 waterproofing system protecting basement baseboard
Protect your baseboard from water damage, mold, and wood rot with ’58 basement waterproofing!

Save Money With a Comprehensive Solution in Basement Waterproofing and Mold Removal

‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing offers over 64 years of expertise in both basement waterproofing and mold removal. By protecting your basement against groundwater and moisture, you can protect your investment in your finished basement. With our mold removal services, powered by DOT technology, you can prevent mold from bringing harm to you and your loved ones.

Since 1958, we have been continually improving our basement waterproofing solutions, using specially-engineered products like our very own Channel ‘58 drainage channels. Our customizable ‘58 basement waterproofing system offers greater drainage channel capacity, powerful sump pumps, and even sump pump battery backup options. What’s more, our work is proudly backed by our industry-unique lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee!

We have local offices available throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Whether you’re a resident living near Baltimore, MD, Chattanooga, TN, or Greensboro, NC, you can count on the guaranteed results of ‘58 Foundations & Waterproofing!

Give us a call today to schedule for a free inspection and to receive a detailed estimate! We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the right solution to protecting your basement!

A finished basement with a completed basement waterproofing system
Investing in a ’58 basement waterproofing system protects your finished basement!